Treadstone 71 שירותי OPSEC מקוונים להערכה
הכנת מודיעין של שדה הקרב הסייבר

Treadstone 71 שירותי OPSEC מקוונים להערכה

Treadstone 71 Training: Strategic Intelligence Analysis and Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Assessment

Enhance Your Cyber Intelligence Maturity with Tailored Assessments:

Tier 1 Cyber Intelligence Maturity Assessment:

  1. In-depth Questionnaire: Oversight provided for completion.
  2. Analysis of Results: With supporting documentation to validate scoring (secure review after NDA signing).
  3. Assessment Report Creation and Report Review:
  4. Final Report Delivery: Includes a point-of-contact brief and online executive summary of the results.

The modern adversary monitors your operations and activities constantly. They are adept at uncovering your capabilities, intentions, and vulnerabilities, shifting their emphasis on targeting. The increase in foreign targeting of American technology for economic and military reasons ensures that technology transfer remains a pressing concern. Your response to this can define your present and future strategies. Treadstone 71's cyber intelligence capability analysis includes OPSEC assessments, an essential aspect of your security stance.

Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model Threat Assessment:

Understanding your standing against adversaries is crucial. Treadstone 71's tailored tiers provide a well-defined path to enhance your cyber intelligence:

  • Essential Tier 1 (10 Business Days):
    • Comprehensive questionnaire, results analysis, report creation, and online executive brief of results.
  • Corporate Tier 2 (20 Business Days):
    • In addition to Tier 1 services, this includes artifact gathering and review, comparative results assessment, and immediate subsequent step recommendations based on gaps.
  • Premier Tier 3 (40 Business Days):
    • Building on Tier 2, this level offers team member interviews, recommendations for 12 months, and a maturity model plan with defined goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Treadstone 71 offers an all-inclusive rate for a well-structured sequence of activities tailored to your organization's needs. As an extra incentive, those opting for our assessment services receive a 10% discount on any Treadstone 71 online training.

With our blend of experience, practicality, and focus, we deliver the optimal level of maturity aligned with your requirements. Partner with Treadstone 71 to strengthen your cyber intelligence strategy and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving cyber battlefield.


עיקרי הדברים

  • בנה תוכנית שלמה מאסטרטגיה דרך איסוף וניתוח
  • קבל תובנות לגבי מודיעין איומים
    שיטות איסוף ודרישות מידע ממוקדות
  • בצע במהירות משימות של בעלי עניין

Treadstone 71 מספק הערכות סיכונים של OPSEC המודדות את האיום היריב המכוון לארגונך ואת הפוטנציאל למידע מקוון קיים לשמש מפת דרכים לחדירה ולהצבת נתונים. ההערכה בוחנת נקודות נתונים כאינדיקטורים, דפוסים או חתימות. טרדסטון 71 מאזנת את הסיכון לכישלון מבצעי מול העלות של אמצעי OPSEC שמכינים את הלקוחות לאיומים על הסביבה המקוונת שלהם. ההערכה כוללת את:

Treadstone 71: Navigating Social Media's Dual Role as Asset and Threat

Social media has emerged as a double-edged sword, functioning both as a valuable asset and potential threat. In an environment where psychological operations enable the rapid spread of hate, partisan viewpoints fueled by false information, and emotions taking precedence over critical thinking, the chaos is all too familiar. Treadstone 71's comprehensive approach aims to counteract these challenges.

הבנת הבעיה:

At Treadstone 71, our extensive program spans the multifaceted landscape of media manipulation and online disinformation. We operate in two main stages:

  1. Content Assessment:

    • Identify Perpetrators: Who drives the media manipulation?

    • Understand Methods: What tactics and techniques are utilized? Where are they implemented?

    • Determine Intent: What are the motivations and expected outcomes?

    • Investigate the Spread: Includes examining government-driven operational activities, state-funded propaganda, the weaponization of content, and cyber tools enhancing the dissemination.

  2. Strategy Planning:

    • Counter the Campaign: Craft a containment program assessing associated risks, authoring, and executing a tailored plan. This may encompass:

      • פיתוח קמפיינים נגדיים.

      • Collaboration with social media companies, authorities, sector groups, fact-checkers, and researchers.

      • Raising awareness and extending disinformation alert support.

Flexible - Scalable - Focused Approach:

Our services are adaptable, expanding to meet specific needs. We focus on the identification of operational content, analyzing imagery and emotions they are intended to exploit. Our exhaustive approach includes:

  • ניתוח תוכן: Scrutiny of lies, slander, intermixed facts, conspiracies, and inconsistencies across platforms.

  • זיהוי יעד: Uncover targeted social groups, objectives, and likely intent.

  • הִתפַּלְגוּת: Break down content for values, beliefs, images, enemy portrayal, group phobias, and divisive techniques.

  • ניתוח נושאי: Evaluate themes designed to split socio-cultural groups.

  • Potential Contact Assessment: Assess the possibility for direct contact with internal groups or false flag influence via social media.

  • ניתוח השוואתי: Compare influence operation narratives to targeted group values and belief systems.

  • Narrative Assessment: Determine embedded content through careful scrutiny, recognizing elements that might invoke fear or trigger cognitive biases.

With years of experience, Treadstone 71 removes the risk for your organization, creating containment or removal plans for harmful content.

The Importance of Action:

Influence operations and disinformation campaigns pose significant challenges to our societal fabric. Swift and sustained efforts are vital to mitigate their effects. We stand ready to assist, ensuring that social media's potential as an asset is maximized, while its threat is minimized.

We invite you to reach out to us, partner with Treadstone 71, and make a concerted effort to combat media manipulation and safeguard our shared digital landscape.


ניטור OPSEC הוא תהליך מתמשך של הערכת מודיעין ואינטליגנציה נגדית. יש צורך לעקוב אחר אמצעי הנגד ליעילות מכיוון שאמצעי נגד לא מוערכים עלולים להביא לתחושת ביטחון כוזבת ומסוכנת. אנו מסייעים לך בהתאמות השליטה שלך עם המלצות לפעולה. אנו מצפים לבצע אחת משלנו שירותי ניתוח יכולות מודיעין סייבר לארגון שלך.

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